28 March 2015

What’s a guy gotta do to not want to die nearly every second of his waking life (lol)

27 March 2015


My celebrity crush is definitely Bilinda Butcher from My Bloody Valentine


26 March 2015

Look, I’m not proud of it, but I’m about to quote some poetry. But it’s OK because this is a super cool stanza from The Divine Comedy so whatever dude!!!!

When he had spoken, all the twilight country
shook so violently, the terror of it
bathes me with sweat even in memory:

the tear-soaked ground gave out a sigh of wind
that spewed itself in flame on a red sky
and all my shattered senses left me. Blind,

like one whom sleep comes over in a swoon,
I stumbled into darkness and went down.

26 March 2015

Last night I wandered around Oakland and crossed over into Berkeley with a bottle of cheap wine, muttering to myself: “That’s the name of the game, at a certain point, for everything: maintenance. Maintain the meat, baby. . . .”

26 March 2015

You can usually tell if someone is All Right (that they “get it”) by seeing some stuff going on behind their eyes and by having a brief conversation—and at any moment you could drop the pretense of the whole human drama we jerk around with all the time and say “. . . this is all bullshit, isn’t it?” and they would agree right away

Then you know you’ve got a friend

25 March 2015

Yesterday when I was on Market Street in San Francraptown, I walked by a guy wearing a Facebook hoodie and my first instinct was to punch him in the face and call homeland security

24 March 2015






This is why I went to San Francisco

For Laura’s show!

I love Laura

It was worth it~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~