Sorry, but I’m not writing a fucking cover letter for a job that pays $10 an hour.

Having me a hell of a time over here, I can hardly believe it

I have written longer things

I will put them somewhere soon

It has, of course, rained all day. And I have just told someone I have known for about 24 hours that, after studying a particular puddle on a table outside this warm little room, I have noticed the rain has finally let up. I have half a bottle of crummy wine in my veins. It’s time to go a-walkin, and to take this nasty stuff with me. I am on the wrong side of the river but I will have a good old time anyway.

send me something, if you feel like it:

Ryan Starsailor ☆ミ
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I opened my storage unit in Portland last night and found Laura Rokas!

My grandmother almost died today. I was in a car headed up to Portland with my friend Rachel when my sister called me and told me.

It was surreal. I was surrounded by huge green hills north of Oakland. The sun was coming up. My sister told me she had a stroke while she was sleeping.

I saw my grandmother a week and a half ago. She hugged me for a long time when I left that last day. She was just as smart and aware as she’d always been.

She has no neurological problems but is very tired and dehydrated. We really thought she was gone today. Man.

I’m in Portland now, in Powell’s Books downtown. I put my suitcase in my storage unit in SE Portland and walked across the Hawthorne bridge to get to the other side of the river. I am drinking iced coffee and watching people go by on the street.

I miss my grandmother. I have to hear her voice again soon or I’m going to go nuts.







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HEY: Just so you know, my life has and always will be a Big Dumb Joke. At least it’s sort of fun!!!

Today, uh, I was at Youtube HQ in Los Angeles, California, and sat on a couch with two of my buddies and we did some dumb stuff and I guess tens of thousands of kids with nothing better to do watched us do this dumb stuff. Hell I just sat there and held the mic for Tim. They forced us to wear Hawaiian shirts and everything. I had a good old time though. Afterwards we went to MUJI and got boba tea in Little Tokyo. Yeah!!

OK bye!!!!