this is a guy arguing with his reflection / hallucinated self

hey baby we’ve all been there

i am obsessed with my own arctic death, so i was reading about HYPOTHERMIA just now

and of course i consulted THE WIKIPEDIA PAGE FOR HYPOTHERMIA

anyway under the header for “terminal burrowing”:

An apparent self-protective behaviour, known as “terminal burrowing”, or “hide-and-die syndrome”, occurs in the final stages of hypothermia. The afflicted will enter small, enclosed spaces, such as underneath beds or behind wardrobes. It is often associated with paradoxical undressing. Researchers in Germany claim this is “obviously an autonomous process of the brain stem, which is triggered in the final state of hypothermia and produces a primitive and burrowing-like behavior of protection, as seen in hibernating animals.” This happens mostly in cases where temperature drops slowly.

“paradoxical undressing” is when people begin to lose their minds and take off all their clothes even though they’re dying of heat loss . . . but man, this paragraph sure does contain the phrase “hide-and-die syndrome” !!

this is how it’s going to go down:

DOCTOR: Nurse, hand me that pistol.

NURSE: Doctor! You can’t be serious. . . ?

DOCTOR: This son of a bitch, this Ryan Starsailor son of a bitch, he’s got a bad case of hide-and-die syndrome, and there’s only one cure I know of.

NURSE: There must be some other way to—

DOCTOR: Quick! Grab hold of his legs before he starts taking all his clothes off. This is it, Nurse. Can’t you see it in his eyes? The poor fool—he’s really had it this time. Let’s send this son of a bitch to his reward. For God’s sake, we must!!

ok bye

when a true idiot appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that his button-down shirt is buttoned all the way to the top

jessi zazu from those darlins died two weeks ago

i went to write something the day she died but couldn’t

i always gave her books whenever i saw her, usually around christmas

the last time i saw her was in austin a few years ago, which is where i had met her in 2012

i was helping her carry equipment to the van, and she said “oh hey. i finished ‘bluebeard’ by the way. it was really good. thanks again”

she and the rest of the band had to leave in a hurry . . . they had a midnight flight to europe. i hugged her and said good-bye

jessi was a beautiful person. she was always very nice to me. i once gave her a letter in nashville saying as much

rest in peace, jessi

did anyone else spontaneously drive to los angeles this past weekend and drunkenly and sadly sleep in the trunk of a car on some random-ass streets in silverlake or am i the only one

i have begun to actually deeply (insanely) consider that i am not on earth but in an earth-themed hell for all eternity