(springs out of trapdoor in the ground) can i just say that i greatly dislike pictures of people’s bare feet

like feet in water / sand

ugh~!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s gross

ok i promise i’m going to go back to writing posts that, perhaps for five seconds, you could convince yourself contain some modicum of substance



it would honestly kind of upset me if i ever found out that someone had referred to me as “[their] ex”

michael j. “swampfriend” kerwin caught me creepin n peepin with my teeny tiny little baby cup of coffee (TTLBCC) at traitor joe’z last night

oOps~ 🌝

LISTEN: By myself, and alone, and in total solitude (so lonely), I have been having a good time watching every episode of ‘The Twilight Zone’. There are some stinkers in there for sure . . . but even when they’re not great, they’re still pretty OK. (There are a few episodes in season 2 that were shot like soap operas to save on production costs (until the studio realized they weren’t saving much money), and those are probably the worst, non-Twilight-Zone-feeling episodes, and maybe we can just chalk that up to quote-unquote studio meddling . . . but anyway~)

I had watched maybe 30 or 35 episodes before I went to New York last month . . . and a dozen more before I left for Los Angeles three days later . . . and I’m starting to think it did something to me. It has made me feel even more come unglued than I already felt! And just when I was starting to think I couldn’t feel anymore detached from this little twinkling ball of garbage which forever orbits a massive flaming nuclear hellfurnace!

I am writing a long thing about New York and Los Angeles, and the strange strange trip that it all became. Lord did it do something to me! Irrevocably! As a newly-reconfigured shambling mass of bad strangeness I will be posting the thing tomorrow (today). I must! I went there and I did things and I said things and I felt things. Didn’t I??

Or was it all a dark alley in my brain?? Some little graveyard amongst all my bad wiring???

Am I dead? Or a robot? Like in so many Twilight Zone endings??????

Was it a dream??? Does it continue to be a dream???????????

Well, if that’s the case:

Please anticipate whatever this long-ass thing is! Which I have constructed out of haunted house debris and ghost tears (thick like glue, don’t you know)!!!!!!

Believe it or not that is the last overwrought thing I plan to say for the next ten to twelve hours! Good-night!!