me and dante and world-famous french canadian multimedia artist laura rokas-bérubé have a real good time on the weekendz

just lookit us! sheesh

My friend Mikaylah, who is very cool and nice and good, just got a li’l teeny tiny baby grey kitten. She had no name to give her! I told her, I said: “How about Beatrice?? She is Dante’s guide through Paradise in ‘The Divine Comedy’~~~”

And she said something like: “Yes!! Yeah dude!”

I asked her this morning of the name had stuck . . . and it has! Cool~

That right there is a painting of Beatrice and Dante by Salvatore Postiglione. Cool!!

(For those who came in late: Dante is the name of my huge grey cat)

ok bye

Five years ago when I was living in Texas, I read a little piece on McSweeney’s called ‘Failure Map’

It was written by a guy named Fielden Nelson

I wrote him a long email and we became friends

I still think it’s really good

You will grow to not trust spelling, grade school historical facts, the pronunciation of words, or the nerve responses returned from your fingertips.

. . . and is maybe more relatable to me now that I have lived such a life and have failed miserably at almost everything that I have ever attempted (lol)

I sort of don’t really ever want to talk about ‘Blade Runner 2049’ for longer than a few sentences on this here website, because I’m terrified of being Just Another Guy Talking About A Movie Everyone’s Talking About On The Internet . . . but I like it a whole lot, even though I got some problems with it. It is very good. It looks and sounds incredible and it absolutely should be nearly three hours long. And other than the original ‘Blade Runner’, I can’t really think of anything that feels like it.

Uh, apparently it is flopping at the box office (which isn’t surprising to me . . . the first one flopped too), so maybe we’ll never see another one. ‘Blade Runner’ was always kind of a weird movie that’s for a particular kind of weird person I guess.

So go see it while you can! Put on some sweatpants and drink a little cough syrup and go alone on a Tuesday night or something. There are certain movies I feel like you have to see in an actual theater, and this is definitely one of them. OK??

I will say this, and I think it’s fine because he’s on the poster and in all the trailers: My main issue is that I wish it had nothing to do with Deckard. I kinda wish Deckard had just vanished, and that this was another dude hanging out in the same world. It is that as well! But, you know. . . .

Anyway! I’m not going to spoil anything! Go see it!!

(Consider this a postscript: I have had a dozen people text me saying, “So what did you think of it?” They never tell me their opinion first! That’s kind of interesting. I guess people just know I dig ‘Blade Runner’ a whole lot (people also text me when they’re reading ‘Moby-Dick’ for the same reason). That’s cool maybe!!! Y’all can still text me, but let this post serve as the most I’m going to say about it until I feel like I can comfortably not spoil anything. I went in knowing nothing! It was great~~!!!!)

For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

“Then shall it come to pass the saying that is written,” a voice said. “Death is swallowed up. In victory.” Perhaps only Fred heard it. “Because,” the voice said, “as soon as the writing appears backward, then you know which is illusion and which is not. The confusion ends, and death, the last enemy, Substance Death, is swallowed not into the body but up—in victory. Behold, I tell you the sacred secret now: we shall not all sleep in death.

The mystery, he thought, the explanation, he means. Of a secret. A sacred secret. We shall not die. The reflexions shall leave. And it will happen fast. We shall all be changed, and by that he means reversed back, suddenly. In the twinkling of an eye. Because we are fucking backward right now, I guess, every one of us, everyone and every damn thing, and distance, and even time. But how long, he thought, when a print is being made, a contact print, when the photographer discovers he’s got the negative reversed, how long does it take to flip it? To reverse it again so it’s like it’s supposed to be? A fraction of a second.

I was not a modern man, nor an old-fashioned one either. I had escaped time altogether, and went my way, with death at my elbow and death as my resolve. I had no objection to sentimentalities. I was glad and thankful to find a trace of anything like a feeling still remaining in my burned-out heart.

california is on fire and i’m slumped over at my desk imagining alternate planes of existence that i wish i could be reborn into lol