IN THE FUTURE they’ll say, you know, there once was this dumbass called RYAN STARSAILOR, and if you wanted to be friends with him, all you had to do was send him a dang EMAIL ★

laura and i went to a house show in our old neighborhood (ghosttown!!) and honestly it ruled a lot and when we left i thought: “i’m back, baby!!!!!”

oakland rules


i designed this website to be viewed at night ya know~

I moved back to California last April. It was Very Good Indeed, because I had previously been living in obscurity and relative poverty in a creaky submarine-shaped probably-black-mold-infested house on Hawthorne Avenue in Portland, Oregon for one godawful rotation around the sun. The first thing I did when I got back was get a house on the Oakland-Berkeley border—a secret fortified compound canopied by trees and flowers that are in bloom year-round. I felt pretty good about everything just then. I decided, in that fleeting moment of OKness, to drive down to Los Angeles with my sister-friends, world-famous French Canadian multimedia artist Laura Rokas-Bérubé and world-famous Chicagoan painter Gayle Walsworth!

Anyway: Laura finally got some old-ass film developed, and lo, there were pictures from our trip. I took a bunch of pictures myself but for some reason never put them up here. I will do that when I get home! But for now here are some of the pictures Laura took of me and good ol Gayle~

Whoa!! That Hollywood one is so good. Yeah.

love y’all~~