I moved back to California last April. It was Very Good Indeed, because I had previously been living in obscurity and relative poverty in a creaky submarine-shaped probably-black-mold-infested house on Hawthorne Avenue in Portland, Oregon for one godawful rotation around the sun. The first thing I did when I got back was get a house on the Oakland-Berkeley border—a secret fortified compound canopied by trees and flowers that are in bloom year-round. I felt pretty good about everything just then. I decided, in that fleeting moment of OKness, to drive down to Los Angeles with my sister-friends, world-famous French Canadian multimedia artist Laura Rokas-Bérubé and world-famous Chicagoan painter Gayle Walsworth!

Anyway: Laura finally got some old-ass film developed, and lo, there were pictures from our trip. I took a bunch of pictures myself but for some reason never put them up here. I will do that when I get home! But for now here are some of the pictures Laura took of me and good ol Gayle~

Whoa!! That Hollywood one is so good. Yeah.

love y’all~~