31 May 2019

people always tell me i’m ferris bueller but lol this is totally me and laura

31 May 2019

happy birthday to my best friend laura rokas!!!!!

here are some pictures of her / us from our trip to tahoe and reno last month~

love you girl!!

30 May 2019

i got a KERMIT RESURRECTION post coming up, but for now, here is an image which contains the essence of the thing, and which was made by world-famous diner-dwelling space-siren pallas 💜

30 May 2019

daiso sells these little animals, and every time i go there i get laura a new one. look at them!! i took this picture at her house the other day.

from left to right: hux, chux, pux & nux

i love them!!!

30 May 2019

this stuff rules. traitor joe’s only carries it from mid-september to maybe november. last fall i bought three of them but now i’m down to my last one!! i think if i am conservative with it i can make it through the summer.

have y’all ever felt my skin? i’m soft as a preacher’s belly, y’all.


no but seriously i’m silky smooth lol

and i smell like pumpkin shea butter!!