Last night, feeling sadder than hell about a few things, and missing my friend, and not being able to sleep, and so on— I took a Herculean swig of NyQuil and collapsed in my bed. I had dozens of surreal fever dreams, some of them pleasant but mostly bad. When I awoke this afternoon, some 12 or 13 hours later, I had a feeling of unreality that persisted for most of the day.

Said I to Laura, as the long dark dream bled on:


At some point I did a thing I sometimes do, which is to look in the mirror. I saw that I had somehow scratched my own face with my fingernails in my sleep. They were light grazes, but for all intents and purposes I looked something like this:

How did this happen? I wonder. It must have been the NyQuil nightmares that had me flailing around.

Well! It’s back to skullcap and passion flower capsules for me. I don’t dig on NyQuil. It’s too powerful. It’s bad craziness is what it is. I still miss my friend though, and god knows I can’t sleep.

I’ll write more about this later . . . but long story short: I am now an Austrian citizen, and as a result, I can travel and work and live in all 27 of the EU countries. I can even vote in elections. Whoa!

But here’s a thing I wrote about it back in February, when my sister and I were still getting all the paperwork together~


i am the only person i know who takes naps at midnight and drinks coffee at three in the morning lol

Lisa Eve in Berkeley cut my hair today. Her place is right next to Down at Lulu’s, where The Girl With the Gold Tooth works. Lisa has been cutting my hair for nearly three years, which is wild as hell. I don’t even ask for anything in particular . . . she just starts cutting, and then it looks good. The first time I ever met her, I said: “Just give me the vampire Elvis.” She did it perfectly, and now she gives me the exact same haircut every time. But today I asked her to keep it a little longer, on account of it being winter. I asked her if she could TAKE OUT THE BULK, as it was getting unruly. My hair does this dumb thing where it starts to curl in the back if it gets too long. It’s not a good look. No one will ever be able to tell that I got a haircut, though you know what: that’s the best kind of haircut you can get. Anyway, I dig it. Thanks Lisa Eve!!

there she is!!!

(i will finally get this gigantic TV off the floor . . . this week!)