Lisa Eve in Berkeley cut my hair today. Her place is right next to Down at Lulu’s, where The Girl With the Gold Tooth works. Lisa has been cutting my hair for nearly three years, which is wild as hell. I don’t even ask for anything in particular . . . she just starts cutting, and then it looks good. The first time I ever met her, I said: “Just give me the vampire Elvis.” She did it perfectly, and now she gives me the exact same haircut every time. But today I asked her to keep it a little longer, on account of it being winter. I asked her if she could TAKE OUT THE BULK, as it was getting unruly. My hair does this dumb thing where it starts to curl in the back if it gets too long. It’s not a good look. No one will ever be able to tell that I got a haircut, though you know what: that’s the best kind of haircut you can get. Anyway, I dig it. Thanks Lisa Eve!!