my friend freya in my room observing a portrait of laura rokas by laura rokas, and my friends emma and daphne at the wolfhound in north oakland

whoa! happy birthday to my good friend pallas / dinersiren / the pink-haired girl, who is also part of the 26 club (i’m jan 26th). she’s cool. reckon i’ve known her for a long time now

i almost met pallas two years before i actually ending up meeting her. back in portland, when i was sadder than i’d ever been in my whole life, our MUTUAL FRIEND invited me to some gallery opening she was going to with pallas. i already knew who pallas was and wanted to meet her, but for some reason i couldn’t go . . . i think i had to work that night. (back then i worked 10 pm till 3 am which is absolutely as miserable as it sounds.)

ANYWAY: i didn’t go. years passed. one spring i went back up to portland from oakland to hang out with monty and molly, shown here because i’ll find any excuse to post this cute picture:

monty and molly and i went on a bender at sandy hut with pretty much everyone i knew in portland. at some point we all left and drove over to the florida room. it was there i ended up meeting pallas

she was sitting in a booth near the entrance wearing a white fur coat and a velvet cheetah print shirt. she was tall and had pink hair. i don’t remember how this ended up happening, but she poured hot sauce on my face with my blessing, and then we went into a photo booth and figured it’d probably look like blood:

next day she picked me up at a coffeeshop near my old house in southeast portland. we had a real good time driving around drinking coffee, and then we went rollerskating, which i hadn’t done in probably a decade:

afterwards we picked up monty and went to this kind of obnoxious yuppy bar where the bartender wears a bowtie. they put a whipped egg on my whiskey sour and it was really good, but man it was like $12. monty said to pallas: “if you invite ryan someplace fancy he’ll just get one drink and complain about how much it cost.”

i was planning to throw a party to resurrect kermit the frog from my backyard, and i needed an angel, so asked pallas if she’d be the angel in the uhhh accidental performance art segment of it. she said sure! and came to oakland six weeks later to be an angel, and then stuck around for a week to hang out with jackson and tombo and me:

A MONTH LATER i visited her in portland again. we hung out at the elvis room and sandy hunt, and saw ‘once upon a time in hollywood’ at laurelhurst theater, and got coffee and walked around . . . and then drove north into washington to visit the twilight high school (lol) and eat at stardust diner. well . . . she’s the diner siren and i’m the star sailor, so it seemed like the place to be. yeah:

for the sake of brevity, i won’t list out every single anecdote that took place in the subsequent years leading up to today. hah!

POINT IS: pallas is one of the sweetest people i’ve ever met, and i’m glad she’s a good friend of mine, and happy birthday to her, and so on. ok?? 💜

i was just lying here in the dark thinking [takes a long drag from a huge joint and expels smoke from his nostrils like a dragon] about how f*ckin crazy life can be sometimes……..,.

with the exception of seeing and spending time with my friends, and obtaining austrian citizenship, the last year of my life has been a massive waste of time lol