whoops i just finished watching ‘true detective’ for the fifth time and there are certain scenes where i’m just like vigorously nodding along whether i mean to or not

and anyway sometimes someone just sums up a thing pretty nicely, and i happen to think this is one of those scenes (putting it in a block quote so it looks nicer):

See we all got what I call a life trap. There’s gene deep certainty that things will be different. That you’ll move to another city and meet the people that will be the friends for the rest of your life. That you’ll fall in love and be fulfilled. Fucking fulfillment. And closure. Whatever the fuck those two fucking empty jars to hold this shit storm . . . Nothing’s ever fulfilled. Not until the very end. And closure. No. No—no. Nothing is ever over.

yeEEEAaaaAHHHHH sorry but gonna have to vote ‘yes’ on that’n right there

and later marty hart’s wife says that rust believes nobody actually ever forgives anyone??? that people just have short memories??????