OK here’s a thing I am so sick of—and as far as I know it is exclusive to the city of Oakland, California:

People try to run me over all the time. Today I was walking home from Berkeley and I passed a gas station a block from my house, and this car screamed out of the place and nearly slammed into me. I had to run to avoid being hit! I would have gone flying into the street. As they sped down San Pablo I heard everyone in the car laughing.

This happens to me at least once a week. Usually someone will gun for me when I’m using a crosswalk, or if they see me on the other side of a parking lot. I ain’t even kidding!

Why is there hate in these people’s hearts?! Or is it just . . . uh, some deranged and terrifying nihilism going on?

Man. Man! Knock it off! I’m not afraid to die but I don’t wanna get hit by no god dang car!