i took a really long bath. i dumped some epsom salt in there and everything. had a candle burning and i was sipping from this bottle of wine. and then i got out and looked at myself in the mirror. i had just bought a pair of clippers to cut my own hair. man i totally just shaved all my hair off. i started with like the 6 guard, then went down to 4 (which is a mad max haircut) and then went down to 2 and 1. i look like i just joined the marines. and you know what, it ain’t that bad. i don’t hate it. i’m not going to keep it like this, but i’ve never really seen the shape of my own head, so it was interesting in that sense i reckon. i think i’m going to let it grow out to mad max length, hang out with that for awhile, and then go back to having it long on top and short on the sides. i don’t know, man! i’m turning 28 on tuesday. i thought, why the hell not

uh, i will say this: it’s really cold

(i would post a picture but i think that would finally get me committed)