it is three minutes past minute and i have uncorked a frighteningly bad bottle of wine. i have been picking a different wine each time, none of them costing over $8. i guess at that price point you’ve got to know what you’re getting yourself into. it isn’t so bad after the first few sips. your throat accepts its fate and the body opens the gate. you are taking care of yourself, in some strange way, and it cost you less than ten bucks from your local grocer. self-medicating is sort of like self-preservation. i think so anyway. but then i don’t actually know anything at all.

it’s not as though i’m sitting here with black tar heroin. wine is a good buddy to have i reckon. it can be got cheaply and it is available everywhere. it feels less severe than liquor, and you can still respect yourself a little. drinking a six-pack feels like eating an entire loaf of bread.

dante is sitting on my lap. tomorrow afternoon it is going to start snowing. there will be several feet of snow on the ground by saturday. i guess that’s what they’re saying anyway. i went to the grocery store yesterday, very crowded, and got as much as i could carry and went the hell home. i was only 12 miles away but it took me an hour and a half to get back. it was snowing. i saw cars sliding all over the road and people getting into accidents.

i went home and descended way way down there. i am still down there. all i did today was lonesome road. i feel so sad it’s making me sick. i would give anything for a little comfort.