people who “did a stint in central america” tend to be blindly optimistic to the point of being insufferable

people who studied psychology / want to be social workers tend to be unstable, mentally deranged, and absolutely ill-equipped for the job

people who studied philosophy are absolutely the worst people to get stuck on the porch with at parties (“spinoza was nuts!. . . .” “descartes’ dream argument, am i right???. . . .” “thomas pynchon is an unequivocal genius. . . .”) and usually want to be dock workers or truck drivers or some shit because they feel quote unquote enlightened and want to experience the grittiness of REALITY, man

people who enjoy burning man grew up in the midwest

people who wear corsets and (make themselves) look like tim burton characters are always dating some tall creepy bald guy who has a soul patch and wears suspenders

people who smoke a lot of pot are always telling you that the intense self-loathing, crippling paranoia, and dark whispering you hear in your head as a result of taking a single drag from a joint will go away if you just smoke the right strain bro

people who take longer than 10 seconds to explain their tattoos are not people you want anywhere near your family

people who say they “enjoy whiskey” can probably count the number of times they’ve had sex on one hand

people who go to house parties and discuss “the singularity” in earnest are virgins