dude. have you ever had someone try to explain burning man to you? holy hell.

one time i was working the door at wolfhound in oakland and this guy in like pre-faded bootcut jeans told me his company had sent him there (to sell things), and he said he did acid for the first time and how spiritual it was and how burning man is about people coming together . . . to, uh, ride around on gigantic tricycles and uh . . . juggle flaming bayonets . . . and i guess that “communicates” something to these poor misguided people’s souls. and i’ll never forget this: he was smoking from a vape pen the entire time. and when he exhaled it smelled like pineapples. i wanted to die so badly.

one cool part about living in oakland was that all the people Who Got It were in total agreement that burning man was a crock of shit.