why is opposition to your a beliefs a prerequisite to you believing in something? i have heard so many people say that their religious faith stems from the fact that, without it, satan and his demons would get them. in terms of christianity, for example, the core values are like . . . meekness, humility, charity, peace, forgiveness, unconditional love . . . what’s wrong with that stuff? why isn’t that stuff enough for you? in order to get through the day you need to believe that an embittered dark spirit is hiding behind every corner just waiting to poison your soul and make you murder and steal?

why not just . . . love people and forgive them and so on because those things are nice in themselves? why are you so obsessed with the galaxy-sized flaming torture chamber and all the people who are going to go there and not about your own quality as a person while you still are a person?

i don’t know man it just seems really weird and sad to me