hey guys my 24-hour AKIRA KUROSAWA birthday marathon is still going on so if you’d like to come inside this cozy apartment and watch some movies with me you’re going to have to find a ventilation shaft to crawl through or dig your way in with a pickaxe or something because the door is barricaded and my lawyer has told me that i am legally obligated not to remove the refrigerator that is currently blocking the only entrance

that being said: if you can get in, you’re in bro

i will welcome you with open arms, and so on

it is 3:35 a.m. EST and i am sitting here with some shit beer and four tacos i made myself and hey, what can i say, i’m 28 years old and i haven’t looked at myself in the mirror in a week and i forget what babies look like and i don’t know if i’ll ever see flowers or trees again so what the hell else do you want from me