listen: i don’t usually talk about stuff like this. i don’t like doing it. but i feel like i have to go on record and say this before everything else starts saying it a few years from now.

ok: i think shia labeouf is a genius. i think that guy is real cool and i would totally hang out with him. i also think tom hardy is a genius. i think shia labeouf and tom hardy are the most marlon brando-ish dudes in hollywood. they are some of the only interesting actors to me.

and the fact that they both star in ‘LAWLESS,’ which rules by the way, can’t be a coincidence

that’s divine, baby

that movie is

if you haven’t seen it then what the heck are you doing with your life, honestly

(this post was brought to you by someone who has been unemployed for three months / will probably never get laid ever again)