laps around lake merritt

‘siberian breaks’ on loop

and then, spontaneously:

little farm & nature area

up, up, up into the mountain

fog everywhere

went there because everyone else was asleep

and lauren’s window was dark

(maybe she won’t talk to me again)

at the top there were three cars and no faces

and two people fucking in an old police car

i parked my old police car by a log and got out


the fog covered the lights below . . . no san francisco, no oakland, no berkeley

just waves of the stuff swirling in the dark

and black shadows too

on my way down i stopped to let a deer cross

it hopped up the side of a hill and i sat there in the middle of the road with my foot on the brake

and we watched each other for a while

another car came and the deer took off

when i got home dante caught a moth and i collected it in a mason jar and set it free