They always say you should write for one person. Kurt Vonnegut said that if you open the window and try to make love to the world, you’ll get pneumonia. Hah!

I don’t have much to say to most people. But to be fair this planet is cram-packed with seven billion souls. How could you possibly say anything that would please even one percent of them? I don’t think it’s mean of me to not want to address any more than a few people.

I want to go on record right HERE and right NOW and say that I write everything with my friend Hali in mind. God dang always. When I try to come up with a joke, I try to come up with jokes that I think Hali would laugh at. I write stories that I think Hali would want to read. That’s the truth right there!

You know it does make it easier to write when you think of it that way. That anyone else gets enjoyment out of it, well hell, that’s a nice thing right there. But I only ever write because I like Hali a lot and I want to give her something to read.