this might sound kind of dumb, but then so is just about everything else i’ve ever written on this website, so hey (lol)

so uh: the reason i shaved my head was because i had always thought of myself a certain way, and part of that had to do with, uh, my body and the stuff on it. as many of us do, i thought i had a clear idea of what i was because of how i looked. that’s real misguided if you ask me. that stuff doesn’t mean a god darn thing whatsoever.

so i shaved all my hair off. for starters i had no idea what my own head looked like. i didn’t know if i had scars or dents or whatever hiding under my hair. and you know i was standing there at 4 a.m. with those clippers in my hand and i saw myself like that and i thought, “hell, that’s me right there. that’s what i actually am.” i looked like a sad, skinny mammal. i looked like myself!

which is not to say that i am opposed to returning to the way i looked before! but at least now i’ll know for sure that, for the most part, it’s all a bunch of bullshit.