At Donut Farm we got a free staff meal on the weekends. This was very good because you could basically have as much food as you wanted and you could ask the people in the kitchen to make you custom stuff. This sort of thing kept me alive one summer because I was essentially starving for a month or two.

Anyway: The best thing to get was the burrito because it was the most filling. I would always upgrade it to the point of having the tortilla burst. It ruled. I ate a bunch of those things. Generally on Saturday I would get something lighter, and then on Sunday I would get a super-packed burrito because Sundays were busy and exhausting.

I started doing this thing where I made my order tickets insane and abrasive. I would walk into the kitchen and slam the ticket down on the prep counter and walk out. There were only five or six of us working there so we were all friends and of course they knew I was joking. But anyway I took pictures of them for awhile and here they are (I accidentally spelled “burrito” wrong in the fourth one):