The other night I had what I guess you would call a “sex dream”

Like all the other ones I’ve ever had, it was fucking terrifying

I’m there with this woman thinking “God why am I doing this” and every time I look at her face it’s different

And her face keeps morphing and morphing . . . even while I’m looking at her

I don’t know any of these women, I have never seen these faces before

Maybe they are an amalgamation of a whole bunch of people

And worse: sometimes the face isn’t a face at all—just a swirl of color as it settles on a solid form

In my dream I got up and went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror

On my chest was a tattoo of some 1920s-looking guy with a handlebar mustache

Horrible tattoo

“Why oh why do I have this godforsaken tattoo”

The man is looking into a birdcage, and inside is a tiny woman playing a violin

Above his head a speech bubble: “Hell of a bird!”