I told Dante a few minutes ago: “Hold my calls, baby. I’m gonna be in the tub.” He gave me this look that he sometimes gives me, where I can tell he thinks I’m an idiot. He really does do this. Anyway he yawned and went back to sleep.

Got the tub all hot and brought a cup of tea in with me. When you’re dealing with hot water you want a cold beverage (and vice versa)—it is one of the nicest sensations the human body can experience as far as I’m concerned—but it is Very Cold outside, even inside the house, so I took all the heat I could get in and around me.

Did You Know: About 30% of the content I produce for this fine website is written in the bathtub? It’s true! Hell, I was a foot and a half deep in delicious hot water and dissolved epsom salts when I drafted this post. Whoa baby, whoa.

OK I still have a bunch of Kurosawa films left to get through so yeeeaaaaahhhh.