Well: I am going to go get some coffee at 7-11 and then get ripped on a little gummy and drive west on 66 towards Winchester, because what the hell else can you do? It is an hour of dark road which eventually leads to woods and hills. And when I get there I’ll prowl around and then either turn back and go home or ???

And: I have deleted every profile on every place I still had one, whatever was left. Only this remains. I mean, I will still be updating this thing from my nest of rags in the ruins of the Empire State Building, in the crater of the old world, for god’s sake . . . even if I’m the only one left. Hah! It’s just that all the other stuff made me feel so empty. It was emptiness gnawing on emptiness. I have enough issues with that sensation. And anyway, I want to change my disposition when it comes to a few things. It is difficult for me to do that when there is a sort of screaming in my ear. I am not explaining this well, but then what else is new.

See you next week at my funeral!