well: i am officially more convinced than not that i’m dead and whatever i think is my life is actually the afterlife . . . or else some sort of dream, and maybe a permanent one. there are a lot of reasons i have reached this conclusion, however tenuous it may be, though i am reluctant to spell it all out or else i’ll be committed. hah!

PUT SUCCINCTLY: i have experienced way too many spooky overlapping threads in my life for it to all be pure coincidence. i could chalk a few things up to chance, and initially i did. but now i’m at the point where it really does feel like something is dreaming me. the pieces fit too cleanly. hain’t natural is what i’m saying!

i am reminded of the PLATE OF SHRIMP scene from REPO MAN:

man, yeah. the real question is: am i alone here? or are we dreaming together?

ok fine: i’ll expound on this tomorrow. i just have to figure out a way to go about it without sounding absolutely bonkers. all i’m saying is that something weird is going on. it’s something cosmic. this has been a fear of mine forever, though maybe i ought to embrace it, assuming i ever know what it is. and let’s face it: i almost certainly never will.

welp . . . time for bed!!! ☆彡