Listen: My buddies Kerwin and Jackson and I have started a studio. It is called, at least for now, ENEMY AIRSHIP!.

A few years ago I had my buddy James create a black war zeppelin for me. I always wanted to use it for something, but never got around to it!! Well, I made this yesterday, and it looks all right I guess:


Anyway!! We are already hard at work on A Thing. Kerwin is programming, Jackson is doing art and music, and I’m writing the whole damn thing. Maybe later we’ll hire more people. Our goal right now is to create a working prototype . . . like an air-tight five-minute narrative to use as proof-of-concept. It’s gonna be real neat. I’ll post assets here as they are created! Or some of them anyway. . . .

Tonight I went to Southeast Grind and worked on my store. It looks so hot. I need to finish recording audio versions of my books, and then I’m going to open for business. I even have good ol’ Laura Rokas working on some art for a thing we’re making together. It will likely be the first physical thing we sell in the store. I think that’s neat. Hell, why not?

I also recently pitched some ideas to Paste magazine and they were into them?? The best pitch, the one I like the most, is about the loneliness you feel in abandoned places, versus the aloneness you feel in, say, your bedroom . . . which are two very different feelings! I’m being vague as heck but I’ve got it written in my head. Anyway I gotta work on that stuff soon. Hoo boy do I ever~

Finally: Y’all ever heard of ‘Mega Man Legends’? If you haven’t, take a li’l peek:





Isn’t that cute as hell?! I love it!! Look how beautiful and chunky this game is. I’ve been having me a good old time with this thing after the sun goes down. I guess I’m going to keep on doing that until there’s nothing left to do.

It’s . . . five in the god darn morning, isn’t it? I can hear the garbage man outside. I haven’t gone to sleep before five a.m. in probably three months. It’s been a weird, weird time, man. I’m going to take some magnesium citrate and do what I can to force myself to sleep, or else I’m going to see that sunrise again, and then I’m really in trouble. . . .

(P.S. Slowly I have been working on an archive. When I rebuilt this entire site in February or March or whenever it was, I created a whole new WordPress directory, so the old content is hidden away somewhere. This website has existed in various incarnations since 2012. I can’t just very well kill off four years of stuff I’ve written here. But I am going to slice out stuff if it really sucks. That’s why it’s taking so long: a lot of it sucks. Also, I’m not going to fool myself into thinking that anyone is dying to see that old junk again. I personally need it back so I can orient myself in time . . . and hey, there are a few nice little essays in there. I’m gonna keep those. You’ll see!)