it feels strange to go so long without writing here. i won’t do that again. really i need to write here every single day, which i’m going to from now on.

laura and i dropped acid and walked around berkeley all night, and that is a thing i kept thinking about: that i have got to write more. otherwise, what’s the point? do i just sit around and wait until i’m dead???

well: AS IS MY WONT, in a sort of howard hughes sort of way, i have just locked myself in my house and have been watching tons of movies. honestly it rules a lot. i’ve been watching every scorsese movie in whatever order i feel like. ok?? i’m hiding from the whole wide world right now just for kicks. i’ll go back to the other thing when i get sick of this thing.

though yeah, it’s 5 a.m. and i’ve walked probably 15 miles all night and i’m sapped. i’m going to wake up in a few hours and make pumpkin cinnamon rolls with laura.

i’ll have more to say tomorrow. . . . ! i guess!