Man, what the heck! I said I was going to update once a day, and here I am, takin a god darn nap!!!

Actually: I have a really bizarre schedule. You see, I go to work at 10 p.m. and I get out around the time the sun is rising. I don’t think I need to tell you this, but it blows. It means I sleep till the afternoon, and then I wake up and Do A Bunch Of Time in hopes of leaving the state of Oregon. I have made a lot of progress! I mean: I’m talking to people in California about jobs and whatnot—jobs that would pay me a living wage, and let me write stuff, and so on. Hell, maybe I’ll even make enough money to visit my family sometimes. Some of them are, uh . . . gettin pretty old.

Anyway: That’s why I haven’t posted anything. Though hey, I did finish a big essay-thing today . . . it is on my computer . . . I think I just need to edit it. Yeah.

Also: I ditched the titles. The titles stressed me out, man. I missed doing shorter posts, and it felt dumb to title something that is like two sentences in length. It made me feel like everything I put up had to be at least a thousand words, which is dumb too. I’m not doing that. I’m going to do short stuff and I’m going to do long stuff.

And: Somehow I am off for the next three days, so tomorrow and probably the day after that I am going to hole up at Southeast Grind and do some stuff on this website. I have a lot of plans. I have not had time to work on those plans because for the last two weeks I have gotten home from work as other people are waking up to go to work. What a bummer, man. But then, show me somethin that ain’t.

Oh: If you want to hang out with me at Southeast Grind, just come on over. I’ll be near the wall, away from the windows. Whenever I sit by the windows I burn like hell on one half of my face / neck. So yeah just come sit down with me. You can wear headphones or whatever. We can talk sometimes if you want to, otherwise I’ll let you be. The baristas know me and sometimes they give me free food, so you can have some of that food too. Hell, you can have all of it.

OK Yes Bye!!