it is 3 am and i’m chugging black coffee and blasting nirvana as i cross the north carolina state line towards asheville, having rocketed out of tennessee at about a hundred miles an hour

yes: PEAK STARSAILOR, you might say. it is a fine night for the chocolate-peanut-butter swirl of mindless depravity and bad craziness, and as it happens i run the franchise on both

my good friend and donut farm alum megan beard, who made a cameo appearance earlier in this post, was once an asheville native, and she says she can’t remember any street names where all the cool stuff is. she says it was “seven years and four whiskey shots ago” since she had any use for concrete directions, which is very much a megan beard thing to say, god love her

so i’m gonna get into town, rip around for a while, get some more coffee, avoid the cops, and then hit the highway again before the sun rises. they’ll never know what hit em until they check the security footage monday morning and find plenty of evidence that a skinny vampire creep in all black climbed on stuff and pissed on the sides of buildings in a sort of manic daze

megan says there are crystals beneath asheville that control everyone there. i believe it

man, i miss megan beard. she and all the other people i knew there are gone now. what a bummer. but also: what else is new? everyone is gone from everywhere, these days

. . . and oh! dear anna is gone too!! we had fun one summer, but that was a long time ago now

yeah well, what else can you do other than go it alone and see what happens

the night ain’t got me yet, so i guess i’m about to find out!!