I’m lying on my back in the dark listening to some MUSIC that I’ve been listening to for more than half my life, and I thought about it, and I don’t know that I give a shit about any music coning out in the future. I’m not trying to be contrarian and immature just to be a jerk. I’m sincerely being contrarian and immature!

Allow me a McCunian observation: if you’re just some spineless cheese-eating jerkweed from LA whose entire personality is posing for pictures with a cigarette in your mouth, and who picked up a guitar and had to audacity to assume you had something to say, how can you ever hope to create anything other than dinky marshmallowy clown shoes baby music? Like the fella said, it is the music equivalent of cereal, Jesus, every now and then I timidly dip a soft shoe into that godless ooze, and recoil with utter contempt at the first sign of trouble, which usually doesn’t take long. Oh! time was, when as the sunrise nobly spurred me, so the sunset soothed. No more. Baby, put down the guitar, go get a stick-n-poke of a tombstone that says “MY FEELINGS”, buy one of those stupid wide-brimmed LA Guy hats and hurry the hell up cuz your Tinder date is waiting for you in Echo Park!!!



Some of the Old Masters are still out there, hallowed be thy names. But nobody lives forever. Oh well. The whole world is going to be dead soon anyway.

I lack the low, enjoying power; damned, most subtly and most malignantly! damned in the midst of Paradise! Good night—good night! (waving his hand, he moves from the window.)