Last night I dreamed that both my parents died, and as an adult man I was sent to live with this older woman who hated me. I accidentally fell asleep (inside the dream) when I was running a bath, and it flooded her entire (super creepy) house. She got real mad at me and I tried to escape through an open window.

Later I was in a dream where I was haunting my ex-girlfriend. I mean that literally! I was a ghost and she couldn’t see or hear me, and I was forced to just sort of hang out with her as she went about her day. It was really bad. I kept trying to talk to her: “I’m here! For God’s sake, man, I’m a ghost!” She never did see me. My last memory of this dream is me sitting down and watching her buy fruit from a street vendor. (???)

Finally: My dreams ended with me in a bathtub that was the size of a room. I turned on the faucet and waited for the huge tub to fill up. I soon realized it would take probably a week to fill the whole room, and I become frightened that the water would definitely not stay hot that long.

Man, I keep dreaming about water and taking baths. I think like 70% of my dreams have involved one or the other or both in the last month. What!