baltimore in the winter and spring of 2006, a block from where my brother jeb used to live. the first two were taken the day after my 18th birthday

i moved there in june that year and had a disastrous summer and fall lol

these pictures were taken by some fucking asshole creep i lived with during that time lol

you know, i never thought this would happen, but my hatred of baltimore has completely vanished, and i know now that it really is a cool place. i went back there a few years ago and made peace with the fact that i had been a big turd about it, and that the city has definitely Got Some Stuff In It, as my friend mccune would say. hey man, at least the place still has balls, which can’t be said for practically any major american city anymore~

thing is: maryland sucks. i think i confused maryland being bad with baltimore being bad. maryland is ugly and kind of dumpy . . . and baltimore is too! but in a cool way, or at least it was

i lived there for five years. maybe it sucks and isn’t cheap anymore. who knows!

ok bye