mccune’s wife joanna got a new kitten named beezer and we’ve been hanging out every day 🥺

i have written other things about all the places i’ve been and i want to sit down and post it all . . . but i have felt myself become leaden with a sort of sadness and exhaustion that appeared in the last week or so. nothing has happened to me. actually, i’ve been having a really good time otherwise. it’s just that i haven’t been moving around as much as i had been, and so i am getting dull again, and then i start thinking too much and that’s what pulverizes me. as soon as i start thinking it’s over. i ought to stop doing that

this weekend is halloween . . . i gotta find a party in the east bay to go to. after that i’ll do a few more laps around the bay visiting as many people as i can and then split for the midwest. i have no idea what i’ll do once i get there