Emel-Elizabeth called me the other night from Estonia. She slammed beers and baked cauliflower and brussels sprouts (“They’re delicious when crispy”) and promised me she was buying a plane ticket to come visit. I guess we’ll see about the latter!!

She asked me if I would eat Dante for €100,000. Said I, “Are you asking me if I would eat my best friend of 14 years, an animal whom I am eternally bound to, for money?”

And she said, “Yes. You wouldn’t? Not even a little bite? There’s a lot you could do with that money.”

To which I replied: “No, Emel, I would not eat my fucking cat!”

Anyway: I love her. I’m glad that she had graduated from being THE GIRL FROM ESTONIA, which I cryptically referred to her as here for years, and is now Emel-Elizabeth, the girl from Estonia.

Seeya soon! Hopefully!!