There’s this stand-up guy I work with named Dean. He’s the operations manager. If you need some shit, Dean’ll get it for you.

When I first started here, I had this gimpy chair that they pulled out of a closet or something. Dean saw me sitting on this chair one day, and he said: “That chair is terrible. I’m going to get you one of the nice chairs all your coworkers are sitting on.”

I told him, I said: “Hell, Dean, thanks a whole bunch. I was starting to get chair envy.”

Dean, god love him, is a man of his word: he got me that god darn chair right quick. He gave me a black chair. He said: “It seems that you’re into black, so I got you a black one.”

Sittin on the thing as we speak~

Hell, Dean! Shucks, Dean.

Thanks dude ☆彡