Clothes are dumb. Fashion is dumb. Sorry guys.

But here’s a weird thing about clothes that I have noticed~~~

I wear black because it’s real honest and utilitarian and economical and so on. It’s a cheap uniform that I never have to think about. I am not making a god dang statement (lol), I just like jumping into my cartoon character closet and being done with it!!


There is a scene in ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ where Shia “The Beef” Labeouf creates a diversion in a diner to escape from some KGB agents that are after him and ol Harrison Ford. Shia punches a jock in the face, and the jock’s girlfriend then punches him in the face. The other jocks rally to fight. Shia stumbles into a group of greasers, who are His People, and they help him fight off the jocks. Hah!



A strange quiet phenomenon I have noticed is that there is definitely a “this guy’s all right” thing that goes on between people who dress in all black. This exists in a billion different forms regardless of clothing!!! That’s how we evolved and all that shit (and uhhhh maybe what also keeps us from evolving further (lol)). In my case it is a cute and mundane kinship and, I don’t know, I just think it’s funny as heck. The best part is when you get a solemn head nod or some other tiny affirmation from a fellow black-clad dude. Hoo!! I love it.

I don’t know if I’d count on them to jump into the fray if some square started pushing me around, but I like to think that they would~~~~

i would~~~~~~~~~~

ok bye