Man oh man! Talk about a hot beautiful soup of a movie: ‘The Lady From Shanghai’ is so good I wanna scream. I had never seen it before! I guess that makes me a dope.

Orson Welles was the coolest dude. He and Melville are my favorite dudes. I’m just going to keep on liking those dudes forever. What the hell else am I going to do?

Listen: If it’s all right with you, I’m going to post some screenshots I took, because: 1) well God knows I catalog this stuff, and 2) I sure do like them. They contain ultimate truths, either directly or indirectly. If you absolutely don’t want to be spoiled, then hey, don’t look at em!













. . . well now here’s a movie I can hang out with!! And I did! I’ll hang out with it again soon . . . probably with other people, probably for Dudes Done Wrong. You see I’ve been trying to expose these here friends of mine to the old weird stuff, because they have told me they haven’t seen a whole lot of it. I myself am powering through as much of it as I can before the Reaper comes for me—which could be any day now—and for the most part it is not the least bit arduous. I have been picking things that have been baptized by time. I do the same thing with books. It ain’t a bad way to go about it, near as I can tell.

It is nearly seven in the morning, and though my body isn’t the least bit tired, I have taken some magnesium citrate (which I am told is absorbed better than plain old magnesium) in hopes of not being awake when the sun is directly over my house.

So long for now. I leave you with a thing you can think about sometimes if you want. I know I will!! Guy sure knew how to light a scene, huh??