well: for the sake of good taste, and endeavoring to be relatively modest, i will omit some particulars of this here brief story. but i can tell you that the other night i had my first nosebleed since i was 10 years old. that’s 23 whole years! i was with this cool girl i know, and at one point she moved away from me to get a glass of water. i felt something trickling down my face and so i sniffed, thinking my nose was runny or something. when she came back, i could see in the dimness of her room that her face was smeared with blood. i put my hand to my face and looked down and my fingers were covered in blood. we figured it out right then and there: i had a bloody nose. she got me some tissues and i plugged my right nostril, which was the source of this surprise gore. we laughed like hell. what else can you do? it was wild. she told me later that her roommate had mentioned how, in anime, people get bloody noses when they see someone cute or whatever. oops! well, what do you know.