man, is it just me, or have we as humans not really been able to relax in like 20 years? i wake up and every day it feels like the whole fucking world is on the brink of total annihilation

people used to live in small communities and grow their own food and make their own clothes

people were born outside, for god’s sake

and now this country is a fascist militarized police state filled with racist xenophobic psychos who want to kill democracy and any hope of an egalitarian paradise that earth could so easily be

i mean . . . we definitely don’t want to go back to the way the world used to be. it needs to be a different world

but what do you call the world as it is now anything other than hell? it all feels so hopeless

thing is, i don’t want to feel like that at all. i want things to change. it seems like things are changing. just: how do we finally triumph over evil once and for all??

anyway i know i hardcore sound like an aquarius right now so i’m gonna go to sleep lol