My father came to visit my sister and me in California. We rented a cabin outside Cazadero up north and hung out all weekend. This place was nuts. It was so beautiful and cozy, and we were in the middle of this huge forest. All day long the house was shaded by a canopy of enormous Ewok-ass Return of the Jedi-ass-looking trees. There were streams and hills and little bonfire pits spread all over the property. I even found a purple hammock way up high one day and I took a nap. And every night I skinny-dipped in the hot tub with all the lights out in the house, so I was sitting there alone in deliciously hot water in total darkness. Afterwards I’d walk up my own outside staircase to get to the loft I was sleeping in, which was above the kitchen, and I’d play MOTHER 3 and read THE ZHUANGZI (lol) and text Sirengirl. In the morning, we’d all go get coffee and then go find some beach or an old Russian fort or one of the little towns around there. We saw a tree that was like 1,500 years old or some shit . . . and the schoolhouse from THE BIRDS. Man, it ruled. I had not seen my father in some time, and we had a good ol time together.

Here are a bunch of pictures of all that stuff. If the photo looks especially nice, it’s because my sister’s boyfriend-person took them with a camera that probably cost more than my car: