They tell me I’m going to Los Angeles, California—this time for good. I have no reason not to believe them. I have been going to LA at least two or three times a year for five years and have liked it for its apocalyptic nightmarishness as well as for its nightmarish apocalypseness. It is a strange and dark place and you can drive all over it and find big and weird things wherever you end up.

I have slept inside various cars all over the city of Los Angeles for good and bad reasons, but soon I will sleep inside an apartment on a semi-permanent basis.

I am going to buy black-out curtains and hide from the sun. Maybe I’ll never go outside during the day unless I have to. LA is real cool at night anyway. I’ll have a lot more fun round about midnight, just like I do everywhere, except I’ll have the beach at my disposal again. Nighttime beach is the best beach. I have wandered LA beaches at night and have felt perfectly fine. I plan to do a whole lot of that.

I will visit the Griffith Park observatory as often as possible. l will sleep on the floor, on a Japanese futon, and make as few facial expressions as possible. I will eat delicious food and never answer my phone. I will feel weird all the time. I will stare at the wind-leant palms, and so on.

YeAhAHhhh come visit me!!!