a sci-fi concept that i wish were real:

a company creates a clone of you, maybe sort of like a replicant from ‘blade runner’

the clone is a perfect replica . . . a replicant! (lol) with one important difference: any mental deficiencies / maladies you may have have been genetically cursed with would be wiped clean from their brains

namely: any tendencies towards suicidal ideation, self-destruction, substance abuse, and so on

you are then ethically euthanized by a trained staff, and the clone is set free to continue living your life with no interruption so as not to upset your loved ones

in other words: no one will ever know that you’re now a pile of ash somewhere

the clone will continue to age, and in its heart it will carry the secret knowledge of its existence, which is to live in place of you

which is no problem because it is you, more or less, and it will want to live and keep going, and so on

this life they have taken over will almost feel like a sacred duty to them

it will do what you could not do for yourself, which was to live without the burden of undeserved and incurable mental anguish

your memories will be theirs and they will feel just as real to them as they felt to you

the only difference is that their physical bodies were not actually present in the memories of your life, which is a trivial detail anyway, and will be to them as well

their body will identical to yours and have all of your idiosyncrasies, including scars and marks, and so on

they just won’t be insane is all

one day your clone will die with the secret still in them and no one will ever know the original you had perished surrounded by sympathetic nurses and doctors long before