This is true: A few years ago I had a dream. In my dream I met myself. This happens sometimes. It is not vanity. I always appear as a separate entity, sometimes older than I am and sometimes much younger. I appear and I berate myself for a while, and then I apologize to myself. Maybe this is the deepest parts of my brain communicating something to me. I don’t know. I mean of course it is.

Anyway: Dream Ryan—who was also me, but also another person, and who was the same age as I was back then—told me to remember two things: “concubine” and “Theodor Herzl.” That’s it. I woke up and thought about these things even though I wasn’t sure why I was supposed to.

A concubine is something of a mistress. Theodor Herzl was a writer and a political activist and the founder of the Zionist movement. Israel’s national cemetery in Jerusalem, Mount Herzl, is named for him, and so on.

Outside of discussing this dream with other people (who are usually half-asleep, or bored, or both), I had never before said “concubine” or “Theodor Herzl” out loud. I knew what a concubine was, and I knew who Theordor Herzl was—but I never had any good reason to talk about either.

I have done some research and, near as I can tell, Theodor Herzl did not have any concubines, nor was he the son of one.

It has been seven years since I dreamed that dumb dream. It is likely that it was total nonsense. But! like a sleeper agent, I am ready to be activated by these code words, and to perform my divine task when the time comes. Yeah??