Here’s a li’l teeny tiny baby anecdote that I was thinking about before I descended into utter darkness last night: all through middle and high school I had a crush on this girl named Cori. She was a grade ahead of me and I had never really spoken to her or interacted with her whatsoever, but I’d see her in the halls and I’d think, “Gosh, what a babe.” She was always hanging out with a group of cheesedick Rastafarian wannabes, but I kept on liking her anyway. One year, I think it was tenth grade, I ended up having a math class with her. It was the one and only class we ever had together. We had absolutely no reason to ever speak to each other, and she always sat in the back with the rednecks, so for months and months she was probably completely unaware that I even existed in the first place.

Anyway: ONE FATEFUL DAY our math teacher asked Cori to pass out some worksheets. She was wearing like literally a woolen Mexican poncho. When she got to my desk, I said: “Thanks a lot, Clint Eastwood.”

And in front of everyone, including our teacher, Cori said: “Hey! Fuck you, kid!”

God, I kind of love that. I remember being proud of it then. “Fuck you, kid!” Lord! That’s good.

Last I heard, she was living in my hometown and married to some psycho we went to school with and I think they have three kids together. Whoa!

Well, that’s the end of that story lol~