i watched my hero orson welles’ masterpiece CHIMES AT MIDNIGHT again last night, and i don’t know how i never put this together before but . . . john falstaff is my cat dante. dante is john falstaff. dante is dan falste.

john falstaff is probably shakespeare’s best character. he’s fat and vain and loves wine and women and food. he sleeps too much and owes everyone money and he’s a coward in battle. but he’s still a really cool funny guy who everyone likes~

that right there picture is dante as john falstaff aka dan falste (L) and me as prince hal of wales aka prince ryan of starland (R) lol

. . . except that were i to be crowned king at the conclusion of the film, i wouldn’t betray and banish my best friend dan falste from my kingdom, causing him to die alone of a broken heart lol