I see a lot of OPERATING SYSTEMS and APPS and WEBSITES adopting quote-unquote Dark Mode. That is a good thing, because dark mode is definitely the way to go. I myself am All Dark Mode All The Time (ADMATT), because why not? You’re already living in darkness, baby . . . you may as well just be honest with yourself and learn to love it.


Let’s face it: white backgrounds on a website are really bad and I sure do hate looking at them. Every reasonable person knows this. We have been talking about this in hushed voices and in secret places for decades.

I just want to say that this here website you’re reading, being starsailor dot co, has for all of its nearly eight years in existence, always been in DARK MODE. I designed this website to be read at night and in bed by all you creeps out there, and I among you, as I am King Creep. It’s just nicer to look at, OK? And I did not use solid black for the background nor solid white for the text . . . it’s like a softer black a few hex codes up, and the text is technically like silver / light grey. I think that’s pretty good. OK?? I wanted this thing to look like a diner menu on the moon . . . like a weird little graffiti’d back alley in space, which is what this thing is! What can I say: I considered all the cute little details that you may have never even noticed, because what the hell else am I going to do with my life.

ANYWAY: This is all to say that I’ve been cool all along, and that the rest of these twerps just now seeing the truth for the first time are posers.

(That’s a joke . . . I’m not cool. Oh well~)

((I might be a little cool though. I’m fine. You could do worse.))