Remember at the end of ‘Aladdin’ when Jafar gets a hold of the lamp and he wishes that he was the sultan

And then says there is a “new order” and like destroys a bunch of shit and turns the city into a nightmarish hellhole

And then he wishes to be the most powerful sorcerer in the world

Yeah man hey that’s kind of what this feels like doesn’t it

OR: In ‘Back to the Future 2’ when Marty returns to the alternate 1985 where Biff has the sports almanac and he has turned Hill Valley into a dark dystopian wasteland and he lives inside a gold-plated penthouse at the top of casino tower and owns the police and tries to kill Marty with total impunity

Yeah it’s that too huh

Actually it’s way worse than all of that, because it’s reality

Reality, man

Time to start digging that grave

If you don’t, someone else is gonna dig it for you

And I done reckon it’s gonna be the “mass grave” kinda grave

Keep hope alive, my friends

But just to be safe, maybe also keep a cyanide capsule beneath a fake back molar